Why Product Packaging Is Important for eCommerce

why product packaging is important for ecommerce

Wondering why product packaging is vital for ecommerce when strategic marketing can entice customers?

It takes 7 seconds for a customer to develop an opinion about a brand. Coincidentally, it has much to do with product packaging!

From the moment someone finds your product online, they start learning about your brand and forming an impression that won’t change easily. Therefore, your introduction must be impressive.

Most ecommerce sellers ignore product packaging. They assume their branding, marketing, and product quality is enough to bring repeat customers. It’s a mistake that sellers must learn from.

Reportedly, ecommerce businesses witness an increase of 30% in customer interest when they pay attention to product packaging.

Ignoring the importance of packaging takes away a crucial chance to show your products’ value and benefits to your potential customers. They take one look at the package and decide whether or not it’s worth their money. A generic packaging may get you a sale, but not a loyal customer.

In contrast, when online sellers use custom packaging, 52% of the shoppers are likely to return for future orders.

4 Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important for eCommerce

Building a customer-brand relationship becomes easier when product packaging is taken into consideration. Below are some reasons that will help you see why product packaging is important for ecommerce:

For the First Impression

The 7-second rule of the first impression is general and does not change for the online audience. It only takes a glance for the customers to know whether or not they want to buy it.

Most customers know what they want to buy online and how it should look. They have done their research and are ready for the product. A customer visits your online store, hoping to find what they want. Even those who don’t know, have a clue of what they might be looking for.

Imagine their disappointment if their purchased order arrives in generic packaging that looks no different than the pieces of cardboard boxes in their garage.

The first impression matters!

Without good packaging, you get the sale. However, you miss an opportunity to turn that buyer into a returning customer.

Ensure your customers’ satisfaction by investing time and effort in your product packaging. It helps in the long run.

For A Personal Touch

Millions of packages are delivered daily in the United States. What makes your package different than the others?

Everyone is ordering online and receiving packages these days. They explore online stores and buy products to see which brand fits their needs. If an ecommerce seller does not put effort into their packaging, they won’t catch their customer by surprise.

You do not have to do much to make your customer curious. A personalized note, such as a Thank You card, can make your customer feel appreciated. They’ll show gratitude by remembering your brand and knowing that you care about your customers.  

To Build a Brand

Product packaging is a crucial part of building a brand. When marketing your brand to increase your customer base, you pay attention to the first impression. There are two ways to look at it. The first digital look and the first physical look.

You can set up your online store using the best marketing methods to immerse everything in your brand values. It brings customers who are interested in your products. When you take your branding one step further, you include packaging in brand immersion and impress your customers with a unique first physical look.  

Creating something iconic that stays with your buyer helps in brand building. Some brands are recognized by their colors, for example, Tiffany & Co, Mastercard, Yahoo!, and Oreo. We know these brands so well that just their brand names are enough to make us envision their brand colors.

Therefore, create something unique that stands out and makes it easy for your customers to recognize your brand. Product packaging can make it possible.

To Increase Sales

Sales is a defining factor for ecommerce success. Online sellers invest much of their time and money in searching for the “best” strategy to increase sales. And most of them realize the importance of product packaging through their research—these are the brands we don’t need an introduction to anymore.

Packaging compels customers to remember the brand and repurchase the product if they like it. Your buyer can associate your packaging material and colors with your brand, making it easy for them to remember you.

When a customer remembers, they recommend, which leads to more sales. It all starts with the right product packaging strategy!

Currently, the ecommerce market is highly competitive. You have seasoned competitors and newcomers who know better strategies that may affect your sales. You must be on top of your game and invest in your customers to foster brand loyalty.


Final Words

Brand building takes time and research, so it’s imperative to understand where to invest most of your efforts. Product packaging is a crucial part of branding that cannot be ignored. Ecommerce businesses who consider packaging to be a simple cardboard box find it challenging to hold on to customers.

Proper packaging ensures that your customers are satisfied with their purchase. If the packaging is damaged, they will return the package, increasing your cost. Therefore, you must aim for a perfectly packaged product with a personalized touch.

Those who understand the importance of customization in packaging have a higher chance of building a loyal customer base. However, as a growing business, it’s not easy to manage orders and focus on product packaging strategies at the same time. That’s where 3PL Bridge comes in!

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