B2B Logistics Atlanta

As a business catering to the needs of other businesses, you need a B2B logistics coordinator capable of supporting you with your shipping needs. 3PL Bridge stands ready to assist with your domestic mailing necessities. We’ll locate the most reliable and cost-effective transportation to get your goods to your business customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Atlanta is a hub for many manufacturers and organizations producing goods directly for other businesses. At our Atlanta location, 3PL Bridge services businesses in the area looking for a B2B logistics team to support their B2B shipping needs. 

Choosing to work with 3PL Bridge means you can expect the following services:

  • Reliable recommendations for available shippers that can handle bulk transportation of large shipments to other businesses
  • Assistance with locating providers who can handle your shipments to regional businesses or to organizations based across the country
  • Clear visibility of your shipped goods, from pick-up through delivery
  • Help in finding specialized equipment for the transport of bulk merchandise, cold goods, and hazardous products
  • Access to an extensive network of partners and vendors who regularly transport goods from business to business

Learn more below about B2B logistics and understand how 3PL Bridge Atlanta is here to help.

Understanding the Difference Between B2B and B2C Logistics

A business ships to two types of customers: other businesses and consumers. If you’re planning to send your goods to a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, you’ll need the assistance of business-to-business (B2B or BTB) shipping professionals. BTB logistics work is typically more involved than simply shipping to a consumer (business-to-consumer logistics, or B2C) for the following reasons:

Larger Volume of Products

A business typically ships a bulk number of products to other businesses. The recipient business may receive hundreds of the same item that they’ll then resell to customers. Sometimes, businesses ship large items such as machinery and equipment that smaller transportation firms simply can’t handle.

When you work directly with a business-to-business logistics firm like 3PL Bridge Atlanta, we’ll connect you with an appropriate shipper that can handle large volumes of products or specialized goods.

Special Shipping Procedures

A B2B service requires special shipping procedures that B2C services can’t adhere to. Depending on the type of goods you send to another business, you may need unique equipment to move your parcels, such as pallets, forklifts, or special containers to house your products.

Companies engaged in B2B shipping can’t simply go to the post office and drop off their goods for shipment. Most use waybills and inventory tracking solutions to ensure proper monitoring of their products. In some cases, they even require unique regulatory forms to send products across state lines.

Cognizance of Lead Times

While some companies plan their Atlanta B2B shipping needs well in advance, others require expedited services that will get their products where they need to be to ensure a streamlined supply chain. Rest assured that with 3PL Bridge, we’ll plan your shipment’s journey, ensuring that your goods arrive promptly at their destination.

We have a wide array of transporters that we work with that can deliver your products according to your timeline, and we’ll make sure you get the most cost-effective transporter that suits your shipping needs.


The Benefits of B2B Logistics with 3PL Bridge

Some organizations believe they can handle the logistics process independently, but when you work with us, you can expect these certain benefits you may be unable to replicate in-house:

Full-Service Order Management

One of the trickiest aspects of B2B shipping is the order management process. It can be challenging to track your shipments, especially if you send them to multiple organizations across different states. 

With 3PL Bridge, though, you can expect our team to know exactly where your goods are at any given time in the shipping process. We’ll ensure they arrive at their appropriate destination with our curated order management process.

Excellent Customer Service

Organizations want to find a reliable partner in a B2B company, and they’ll find one in 3PL Bridge. Our clients rely on our supportive customer service team whenever they have questions, and we’ll be there to assist throughout the entire shipment process, ensuring you have the white-glove treatment you’ll feel comfortable with.

Cost-Effective Transport

Trying to handle the B2B logistics process on your own often leaves your business with hefty expenses that you’ll need to cover through price increases to your customers. With 3PL Bridge, you’ll know your transportation costs align with industry standards. You won’t need to worry about a shipper overcharging you; we work directly with many shippers that provide us with low-cost shipping we can pass on to our customers.

Contact 3PL Bridge for Your Atlanta B2B Logistics Needs

With 3PL Bridge, you can count on skilled logistics professionals to assist you with your business-to-business shipping needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and obtain a quote.

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