Business to Business Shipping (B2B)

Business to Business Shipping (B2B)

Business to Business shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Business-to-business, or B2B, orders relates to the processing of orders that are sent to businesses and/or retailers as opposed to sending orders directly to the end consumer. The most common types of B2B relationships in e-commerce are distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers.

Because these orders will tend to be larger in size, shipping becomes infinitely more complex. 3PL Bridge is here to help you determine the best B2B partners in the logistics space. Their expertise allows you to have the time to get back to focusing on improving your business.

In addition to managing the complexities of B2B shipping, 3PL Bridge offers specialized services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain. Our Drayage services ensure smooth and timely movement of cargo from ports to warehouses, optimizing the first leg of your shipping process. For goods transitioning between different transportation modes, our Transloading solutions provide the flexibility and efficiency needed for seamless cargo transfer. Furthermore, our Container Transportation services are tailored to handle larger shipments with ease, offering a reliable and cost-effective way to transport your goods. Explore our Intermodal Transportation solutions to further enhance your supply chain efficiency by visiting our intermodal transportation page. With 3PL Bridge, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of logistics services, each designed to meet the specific challenges of B2B shipping.

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