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E-Commerce Fulfillment

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Choosing a Logistics Partner

Discuss your short-term and Long-term business goals with one of 3PL Bridge’s logistical consultants who are experts in the field.

Choosing a Logistics Partner

Direct introductions to 5 trusted and proven partners that will save research time & allows 3PL Bridge to leverage our matching technology to provide you the best recommendations based on Location, Logistical needs of your business, and your Long-term goals.

Choosing a Logistics Partner

Don’t worry about the ongoing or hidden fees, 3PL Bridge is on your side and here to help connect you to your future logistics provider, whether you are just starting out or a Fortune 1000 business.

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We have solutions helping any small to Fortune 100 Enterprise logistics supply chains. We aim to solve your biggest logistics headaches.

What Is Ecommerce Fulfillment?

For millions of Americans, the internet has replaced the shopping mall, and ecommerce has upstaged brick-and-mortar retailers. Ecommerce is the way to go if you want to thrive in today’s economy, but if you want to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty, you’ll need to offer fast, reliable shipping and a smooth return process. An ecommerce fulfillment provider can help you do both.

Ecommerce fulfillment services are designed to bridge the gap between you and your customers — rather than storing products in your garage and shipping them on an ad-hoc basis, fulfillment services will handle the heavy lifting while you rack up the sales. 

An ecommerce fulfillment provider can provide end-to-end assistance with inventory management, order fulfillment, product delivery, and even reverse logistics so that you can offer a premium customer experience.

3PL Bridge can streamline these core processes, all while minimizing your overhead costs to keep your business sleek and efficient. As a result, you’ll enjoy lower costs while your customers enjoy fast, reliable shipping — a surefire way to build customer loyalty.

What Does the Order Fulfillment Process Look Like?

3PL Bridge offers a holistic approach to order fulfillment, starting with the receipt of the product at a facility to the final delivery to the customer.


Ecommerce businesses face unique challenges when it comes to inventory management. Chances are, your customers are located across the country. That’s why you need an order fulfillment company shipping from multiple warehouses, ensuring that your customers receive fast, reliable service — no matter where they live.

Order Processing

By leveraging state-of-the-art order fulfillment technology, your logistics partner can help you respond to customer demand with lightning speed and precision. You’ll gain access to tracking information to stay on top of where the order is, and your customers will have greater transparency about their order status.

Picking and Packing

Picking and packing refer to the process of retrieving the right items from the warehouse, then preparing a shipment using materials that are both functional and cost-effective. The best fulfillment providers offer services like kitting, which is the process of assembling different SKUs into the same package — a great way to add value for cosmetics companies, electronics sellers, or other retail businesses.

Value-Added Services

Your packaging is another opportunity to build brand awareness and nurture customer loyalty. To this end, ecommerce fulfillment providers can include other services such as flyers, inserts, and other ways to communicate your visual brand. We can even put together subscription boxes that keep your customers satisfied with every delivery.

Order Fulfillment and Delivery

Most importantly, 3PL Bridge relies on a logistics network that ensures fast, affordable shipping for both you and your customers. We can connect you to shipping fulfillment services that meet the needs of your ecommerce platform as well as your changing business volume.

Reverse Logistics

Many online shoppers expect an ecommerce platform to offer a hassle-free return policy. Reverse logistics provides the means to retrieve an item from the customer’s hands and return it to your warehouse for disposal or reshelving. Offering a simple return policy gives your customers greater confidence in your business, which translates into more clicks and more sales.

Breakdown Of Shipping Costs

Shipping costs in e-commerce are influenced by several key factors that directly impact the bottom line of both businesses and consumers. One primary factor is the weight and dimensions of the shipped items. Heavier and larger items typically incur higher shipping costs due to the increased resources needed for transportation and handling. The shipping destination also plays a crucial role. Domestic shipping is generally less expensive than international shipping, which involves additional customs and handling fees.

The choice of shipping carrier and the speed of delivery desired by the customer also contribute to the overall cost. Express shipping services, offering faster delivery, usually come at a premium price compared to standard shipping options. Additionally, the volume of shipments can influence costs, with higher volumes often leading to discounted rates from carriers due to economies of scale.

Furthermore, fuel surcharges and any special handling requirements (like fragile or hazardous materials) can add to the cost. E-commerce businesses must carefully balance these factors, optimizing shipping strategies to manage costs effectively while meeting customer expectations for timely and affordable delivery.

Understanding these components is essential for businesses to develop effective shipping strategies and for customers to be aware of what goes into the shipping fees they pay.

Help for Amazon Sellers

Some online retailers sell their products through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. But that also means your business will be bound by ever-rising Amazon storage fees. And if you fail to abide by the FBA’s strict product preparation guidelines, you risk losing your inventory or facing charges for noncompliance.

3PL Bridge understands these needs. We can become your FBA partner, helping you satisfy FBA regulations while expanding your business.

3PL vs. Dropshipping: What’s the Difference?

So what is the difference between 3PL and dropshipping? Dropshipping is another option for ecommerce fulfillment where the manufacturer or supplier also serves as the dropshipping provider. But this means that you technically won’t own any of the inventory on your ecommerce site. 

A 3PL provider, on the other hand, provides the means for you to store your products in their warehouse, then fulfill orders by picking, packing, and shipping.

In other words, a 3PL provider lets you conduct your business on your terms. And with additional kitting and branding services, you’ll be better equipped to showcase your unique brand and nurture customer loyalty.

The Benefits of an Ecommerce Fulfillment Partner

Why should you partner with an ecommerce fulfillment company?

Effective fulfillment is crucial for e-commerce success. It encompasses storing and tracking inventory, packaging, labeling, and managing customer relations. Timely shipment and providing tracking details are key to customer satisfaction. Additionally, efficient fulfillment ensures accurate stock level information and attractive shipping options. However, issues like delivery delays or damaged goods during transit can harm business reputation and customer trust. For growing businesses facing increased orders, limited storage, or rising fulfillment costs, considering third-party solutions like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can be a strategic move. Proper fulfillment is vital for maintaining sales and a positive brand image.

Here are just a few of the ways that a company like 3PL Bridge can give your online business a competitive advantage.

Save Time and Stay Focused

As your business grows, you simply won’t have time to worry about packing orders or monitoring your inventory levels. But with an ecommerce fulfillment company, shipping tasks are performed for you. That means you can stay focused on what really matters: growing your core business.

Create Confident Clicks

An ecommerce fulfillment partner can improve the way your business operates and can allow you to create a frictionless customer journey. With fast shipping speeds and a reliable return policy, you’ll draw more customers to your ecommerce platform, experience less cart abandonment, and even develop subscription programs that keep your customers coming back for more.

Scale Your Business

With a professional team on your side, you’ll be equipped to handle higher customer volume. Ecommerce fulfillment services can ensure that you meet rising customer demands effortlessly, in Dallas and beyond which gives your company the room you need to grow. And with the money you save on your shipping processes, you’ll be able to reallocate your budget to things like marketing, allowing you to build your brand even faster.

Get Help Through Dedicated Customer Support

Your customers look to you for quality and care — you deserve a 3PL partner who does the same for you. The best 3PL providers are with you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about running into unexpected problems. 3PL Bridge can even help your startup get off the ground, providing the infrastructure you need to serve your ecommerce clients.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Every click on your website represents a potential customer. With the right order fulfillment services, you can help your customers click with greater confidence and grow your ecommerce business. To learn more, contact 3PL Bridge today, and let’s bridge the gap between your digital customers and real-world deliveries.