Pick and Pack Dallas

Pick and Pack Dallas

3PL Bridge offers world class DTC Fulfillment

  • Big box retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers (exercise equipment and business machines)
  • E Commerce / eTailers
  • Healthcare Companies (equipment and supplies)
  • Dedicated contract warehousing within 3PL Bridge Network

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Pick and pack order fulfillment for Ecommerce

With many years of experience servicing America, our team has mastered the art of order fulfillment. You can always count on us to deliver on time with accurate shipments.


Piece Picking

Piece picking is ideal for small retailers who have low volumes of SKUs to ship out. It’s also great if you have fragile items that need extra care when packing. Our team will work with you to determine which items qualify for this option.

Batch picking

* Batch picking is used in warehouses with high traffic since it is more efficient.
* Batch picking is similar to piece picking in that it includes selecting products for individual orders; however, employees who batch pick usually complete many orders at once.

Zone Picking

* Zone picking is the process of separating a warehouse into zones.
* For orders that need products from various zones, order pickers only choose things from their designated zones, and employees pass boxes from one zone to the next.
* The boxes can be moved by hand or by conveyor belts.
* Piece picking and batch picking are less efficient than zone picking.

Wave Picking

* Wave picking is a hybrid of zone and batch picking.
* Workers that use this method are allocated to zones and are only allowed to select orders in batches inside those zones.

On-demand order fulfillment

3PL Bridge has the scale, speed, and flexibility to fulfill an unlimited number of orders on demand at a fixed price you set. We specialize in delivering goods faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Customized for you

Our warehouse experts offer custom solutions for our client’s unique needs. You can choose from our tailor-made order fulfillment plans or create your own.

E-commerce made easy

3PL Bridge connects you with the right 3rd party logistics partners you need for your e-commerce business. Whether it’s warehousing, order fulfillment, or other logistics services, we’ll find you the perfect partner for your fulfillment needs.

Pick and pack fulfillment has a number of advantages

1 – Pick and pack fulfillment centers make it simple for businesses to sell a variety of items from online stores to customers.

2 – Customers love having a large selection of things to choose from, and businesses that provide more frequently sell more.

3 – Pick and pack personnel take specified products from master cartons and package and label them for distribution when orders arrive at the fulfillment center.

Our Pick and Pack staff have high standards so your business does too

* Our professional pickers and packers properly fill orders and guarantee that orders are sent on time.

* We exclusively recruit competent pick and pack employees to ensure that things are handled with care, wrapped properly, and correctly labeled in order to increase customer satisfaction.

* These highly trained employees deal with seasonal swings in order quantities as well as peak seasons like Christmas and Black Friday.

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Today’s e-commerce customers expect speed and accuracy on every shipment. 3PL Bridge offers solutions to help you pick and pack in Dallas, empowering you to satisfy customer demand.

Picking, Packing, and Distribution Services in Dallas

Online retailers face strong competition and rising customer demands. Data from the 2022 State of Shipping report indicates that 62% of online customers expect to receive their package within three business days. If you expect to keep your customers satisfied, you’ll need a fulfillment solution that fills orders as rapidly as possible.

Pick and Pack in Dallas

Pick and pack fulfillment forms the crucial link between your customers and the inventory sitting in your warehouse. “Picking” refers to the physical process of retrieving items from the inventory in your warehouse and preparing them for shipment.

“Packing” refers to the process of assembling the order items in a shipping box or container. It involves ensuring that the shipping materials are functional, durable, and the appropriate size for the item(s) in the shipment.

Dallas Kitting

Depending on your industry, you may benefit from kitting services offered by third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the Dallas area. Kitting” refers to the act of assembling items with different SKU numbers in the same container. It also involves joining items together so customers can conveniently purchase a collection of items with a single click. 

Dallas kitting services are particularly popular among electronics retailers (e.g., bundling a device with an additional charger or carrying case), cosmetics companies, and certain types of subscription boxes. 

Value-Add Services (VAS)

In addition to kitting, 3PL Bridge can offer a variety of value-add services (VAS) that enhance the customer experience and help build your brand. For instance, we offer unique customer packaging and inserts that enhance the aesthetics of your product. 

It’s a well-documented fact that consumers are drawn to eye-catching designs. We can make your packaging work for you to increase revenue. 

Amazon Fulfillment Services in Dallas

Many online merchants rely on the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) feature. While FBA offers unparalleled exposure through the e-commerce giant, failing to meet Amazon’s strict requirements can lead to fines, disposal, or the return of your inventory.

3PL Bridge can help. Our warehouse and distribution network connects you to the best FBA partner so you can satisfy Amazon’s requirements while retaining control of your business processes and brand identity.

The Benefits of Pick and Pack Services in Dallas

3PL Bridge can help you pick and pack in Dallas, which can aid e-commerce merchants in fulfilling orders from across the country. By tapping into these distribution services, your business can rise to the next level. Here are just a few of the advantages your business will gain from a Dallas-based fulfillment company.

Increased Speed for Every Order

A third-party provider has the personnel and resources to pick and pack orders smoothly and efficiently. This is a great way for online merchants to trim time off of the order fulfillment process, ensuring that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

Increased Accuracy

Customer returns can cut into your profit margin. Minimize returns by ensuring that your orders are picked and packed with greater accuracy. By turning to a 3PL company to help you pick and pack in Dallas, you can minimize errors that would otherwise lead to an exchange or return, miniziming costs and ensuring your inventory gets shipping faster.

Less Cart Abandonment

The 2022 State of Shipping report indicated that 56% of online shoppers abandon their cart if they lack confidence in the delivery process. Thus, if you can assure customers of your high-quality logistics services, you may find more clicks leading to final checkout. 

Integration with Inventory Management Systems

Dallas logistics services are something of a package deal. 3PL Bridge can offer picking and packing services that integrate with other logistics processes, such as your inventory management software. 

As a result, you’ll have greater end-to-end visibility of your e-commerce fulfillment process. You’ll also gain greater control over your supply chain.

Reliable Warehouses

3PL Bridge has the capabilities to fulfill the needs of businesses around Dallas. With our state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment services, our management team will assist any part of the customer journey.

Dallas Logistics Services You Can Trust

At 3PL Bridge, we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. That’s why we provide warehousing, packing, and distribution services that adapt to your unique needs. You can even enhance your core processes with things like kitting and other value-add services. 

Don’t wait; contact 3PL Bridge today to receive a quote and get started on your journey toward greater efficiency.

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