Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

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Pick & Pack fulfillment is the optimization of the ecommerce fulfillment process once an order has been placed by a customer. Picking is the physical action of taking an item from its dedicated warehouse location based on order details. Packing is the process of placing items from an order into an appropriately sized container, using any fill or materials required to reduce damage to products while keeping the order in as few containers as possible.

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3PL Bridge services include:


The pick & pack process begins with an order being placed, which generates the pick list detailing the products and quantities for each order.


Picking is the selection process of products by a warehouse employee by SKU based on the pick list associated with an order. Picking can be done in many formats, but the most common are piece picking, one item at a time, or batch picking, a more efficient process where similar orders or items are picked consecutively to better optimize warehouse employee foot traffic and pick times.


Packing is the process of placing all items for an order into a box or envelope for shipping. The packing process is critical to optimize to maintain cost effective packaging and materials, as well as postage based on the final weight of the product. Packing can also include inserts, print-outs, or other customized details which is covered in the value-add services (VAS) section below.

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