Value-Add Services (VAS)

Value-Add Services (VAS)

Value-Add Services

Value-Add Services (VAS) encompass a variety of add-ons to the ecommerce fulfillment process, including subscription boxes, customer packaging, flash sales, inserts, kitting, and much more. These add-on services are customer specific and can vary significantly in terms of quantity and effort required of the warehouse team.

With the increase in subscription box memberships, we will use that as an example. A subscription box is typically a high order volume of seasonal items and the customer may have options to choose from, making each box similar yet unique. The physical boxes can be customized, as well as the fill or protective packaging and any informational inserts. Assembly of subscription boxes will typically take place in a staged area of the warehouse where all potential products are nearby to best optimize the kitting process of each individual subscription box.

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